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The Augustine Insurance Group Inc. Blog: 12_2015

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  A new year means new laws in Tennessee, including some that could put money in people’s pockets. Beginning in 2016, Tennessee drivers will now only have to renew their licenses every eight years instead of five. The state’s seat belt law is also changing. Fines will increase from $10 to $25. READ MORE >>

What's the best way not to get into a skid? Avoid it in the first place! One of the best ways to avoid trouble on the road (not just skids) is to drive smoothly. True professionals drive so seamlessly that you do not feel anything when they shift, turn, or brake. READ MORE >>

 you find yourself hitting the road during adverse conditions, consider these 10 tips to stay safe on your journey. 1. Know your route and keep abreast of weather conditions. The Web can be great source of current weather information. READ MORE >>

Texas “affluenza” teen who killed four people in a drunken-driving crash and then fled probation — triggering an international manhunt — may only face up to 120 days in jail after he and his mother were captured in a Mexican resort city, officials said Tuesday. READ MORE >>

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